Steve Jackovich - SKYGOD - Muscle Biplane Pilot
Steve Jackovich
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Steve Jackovich

Steve was born June 12, 1956 in Newton, Iowa. He grew up and still resides in Bettendorf, IA and learned to fly in 1974 at the Davenport Municipal Airport, Davenport, IA where he is still based out of.  In 1991, Steve set the World Time-To-Climb record for the 3000M/Class C-1.a, Group I classification and held that record for five years until 1996. He has won numerous regional International Aerobatic Club competitions flying in the Unlimited category. Having flown in both the U.S. Nationals Aerobatic Championships held in Texas as well as the International Aerobatic Club Championships of the Americas , along with flying in the prestigious Fondulac Cup Invitational Event, ( now COTA ) Steve hopes to someday gain a team member slot on the U.S. Aerobatic Team and have a chance to represent the United States and compete at a World Aerobatic Championships event usually held in Europe. Steve is also employed full time as a machinist at ALCOA Davenport Works and is currently not married. He has been flying airshows for several years whenever his busy schedule will allow him the time. His one and only crew member is his brother Dennis Jackovich.

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